The world’s most exotic SEX records, (18+ Years)

By | June 21, 2018

The world’s most exotic SEX records, (18+ Years)

In the world, people are making record of gender, today we will tell you about the wonderful SEX record of the world. People have to make a new record of doing something new in the world every day. In the same way, the world has also created strange records on SEX related topics.

1 – Record of SEX with 919 people in a day
American Liza Aparx, who created a unique record of enjoying sex with 919 men in a single day. This record was made in 2004. Prior to this, he made a record of sex between 644 and 754 people in the first and second championships of 2002 and 2003.

2 – The world’s largest collective sex program
The world’s largest collective sex program also records a record. The world’s largest collective sex program is in Japan’s record. In Japan, when this sex program was organized, Japan took part in 250 cups, in which all the couples together had sex with their partner. One CD was also put on the market to sell.

3 – Record of being the oldest father
When the talk is on sex record, India remains a little behind, and Nanoram Jogi, who lives in Rajasthan, became a father at the age of 90 in 2007. This time his fourth wife became the father of 21 children at this time

4 – The world’s strongest vaginal record
This record is named after 42-year-old Tatya Kozi Nikoowi. He lifted 14 kg of Vanya on his own vagina. This exercise has been done for 19 years.

5 – Record of the oldest female prostitute
Prostitution is the oldest business in the world. Even today, this profession runs legally and illegally in every country. There is one country in the world where the big woman is in this profession. This country is named Taipei, here a 80-year-old woman is involved in prostitution business.

6 – In most baby-producers
This record is named after Versailles of Valentina Valentina of the 17th century. She gave birth to 74 children. The biggest thing is that, she did not give birth to a single baby at any time, she gave birth to so many babies in just 27 deliveries. 16 times to give birth to children, 6 times 3 child and 4 times four children.

7 – The world’s longest vaginal record
This record is named after the woman in Scotland. His name is Ananda Soham. This woman’s length was 7.8 feet at the age of 19.

8 – The World’s Largest Lynx
This record is in the name of a person in America. His name is Dewey Actor Donate Falkaton. The size of the lighthouse is 9 inches in the sibyl position, while its size is 13.5 inches in the stimulus stage. It is worth mentioning that the length of a person in Asian countries is 3 in the average medial position and the length of male lines of African countries is 5 inches.
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